Moosh is an independent coffee shop started in 2020 from a little space in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. Alex took over Moosh in 2022 and with his background of working in luxury hospitality, both in Dubai and the UK has been making Moosh his own since.

Our Coffee

Great coffee starts with great beans! At Moosh, we are very fortunate to be one of only a few coffee shops in Cheltenham to serve Clifton Coffee, with whom we share the same passion for Coffee. Our coffee is loved by many for its well balanced, easy drinking espresso which is full of depth and flavours notes of rum & raisin, dark chocolate and marmalade.

Our ‘suspension’ coffee beans, named after the famous Clifton suspension bridge originate from the Fazenda Pinhal farm, which is farmed by the sixth generation Pedro Gabarra and his sister Mariana, in the Sul De Minas region of Brazil. The beans are picked and pulped, then taken to patios to dry for 10 to 14 days. Once dried, the coffee is left to rest for a month before milling. The green coffee is then run through the gravity tables and colour sorter, before being bagged and prepped for shipment to Clifton, where the beans are meticulously roasted and bagged.

We do also have the beans we use available for sale in handy smaller bags for our customers to brew and enjoy at home.


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